Rescue, Return & Recover your items

Take back your old stuff for recovery and join our Circular Economy System

Revivers rescue items from being waste.
What kind of Reviver are you?

Take back your old stuff for recovery


We make it easy to return
 discarded items back to
 brands for total recovery.

Certify your product to take them back


We help brands receive and  recover their products through a special certification.

Recovery Centers


We collaborate with recyclers
 to connect with brands to
 recover their products parts,

Start returning your old  phone

Take Back your OLD Phone for Science

UPC is perfecting a system that recovers all metals with bacteria. Participate in the campaign to recover old cell phones and enter a sweepstakes with sustainable brands.

Become a Reviver

Join Revivack and help us promote effective Circular Economy


The world is calling producers and consumers to work together to end waste now. 

There are already some brands who are taking their products back and join the real Circular Economy.

What do governing entities say about the producer responsibility?

“The introduction of extended producer responsibility means to support the design and manufacture of goods that fully take into account and facilitate the efficient use of resources throughout their life cycle, including their repair, re-use,dismantling and subsequent recycling, without impairing the free movement of goods in the internal market”.

Article 27 of EUROPEAN DIRECTIVE (EU) 2018/851

“The Paris Agreement calls for a transformation of production and consumption patterns towards a circular economy principlies, which means avoiding over-consumption, waste and the use of fossil fuels by leasing, reusing, repairing and recylcing existing materials and products.”

Ovais Sarmad, UN Climate Change Deputy Executive Secretary


“Achieve the sustainable management and efficient use of natural resources substantially reduce waste generation through prevention, reduction, recycling and reuse.”

Goal 12: Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

We are social entrepreneurs and change makers and our innitiative has been recognised by institutions that work towards a Circular Economy :


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