About us

The Revivack system is brought to you by the same founders of POPSICASE and Net Viva, a startup that makes phone cases and other items from discarded fishing nets, which can be recycled infinitely.

During our trajectory as designers, manufacturers, sellers and recyclers of products we have realized that people demand channels that allow them alternatives to the creation of waste and brands need solutions towards a truly circular economy.
Taking into account that the problem is that we lack resources and we have too much waste, Revivack was born with the desire to encourage the return of unused products, before they become waste, to the company that manufactured them, to be disassembled and their parts recovered.

Our Experience

At POPSICASE, a very small brand, we have proven that circular economy is possible and our customers value it, appreciate it and use it.

Since 2017 we have been committed to it, from the collection of fishing nets in the ports or the recycling process of them, to the injection of the plastic and the quality control by the users. All together we make this project possible. We want to be more ambitious and unite more brands, more centers and above all more people like you.
As social entrepreneurs and change makers, our innitiative has been recognised by institutions that work towards a Circular Economy :

We have created the Certified Returnable Product Standard® to encourage other brands to replicate our very positive experience with product take-back. Therefore, we not only award Revivack Certified RE 21.10® and give access to the Revivack system, but we also train other entities to award it in order to extend this practice to as many products as possible.

Our mission

Revivack aims to reduce global waste by enabling a “take back” of used objects to companies for recovery.

We envision a world without waste, where objects are designed to be disassembled for continual return and re-use.

Our Team

A project of this kind would not be possible without fantastic people who are full of enthusiasm and talent: María José Pedragosa, Pablo Erlandsen, Jordi Tarruella, Mònica Monclús, Lêda Maranhao, Belén Gidoni, Martín Bettaglio, Fabiola Feya, Andrea Pahissa.

Revivack Team