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Drip Drop Umbrella

  • Tidy Waste 100% 100%

Sailfish is receiving its products to create Tidy Waste until recovery. Take your Wetsuit here!

 15% discount in a new sailfish wetsuit

Rescue and Return your old sailfish wetsuit, and get a 15% OFF in the purchase of new one.

1. Composed by 3 parts

    • Textil garments.
    • Neoprene goods.
    • Hard goods

2. Materials

    • Neoprene, a type of rubber polymer.
    • PBT Polyester.
    • Various metals.

5 years average life

Reparation Service here

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Recovery Index


Tidy Waste

This product is composed by 3 components: neoprene, interior fiver, and metal pieces. This brand is currently receiving items and storing them creating Tidy Waste, waiting to find a partner to be recovered.

Brand looking for recovery centers

The brand is looking for partners who work for recovery