List of products you can return

Original POPSICASE Mediterranean Collection

Original POPSICASE Textures of the Earth Collection

Original POPSICASE Love under the Sea Collection

All Naked POPSICASE are also included.

POPSICASE Original recycled phone case

  • Recovery Index 100% 100%

iPhone case with a handle made with ♻️ recycled plastic extracted from fishing nets and scrap aluminium. Both parts are made in Barcelona (Spain).

25% discount in a new POPSICASE

Rescue and Return your POPSICASE, and get a 25% OFF in the purchase of new one. 

1. REVIVE your POPSI here

Choose the shipping method, press REVIVE and follow the steps. You will get  your label and tools for the shipping, as well as your DISCOUNT CODE.

2. Send your POPSI

Put your POPSICASE in an envelope and send it to us using the tools we sent to you.

 3.- You buy a new POPSI

Use the 25% off code to buy a new POPSICASE. This discount is intended to thank you for your trust and to cover any return shipping costs you may have incurred. Remember you also get 50% for the second POPSI 😉.


 4.- We recover it properly

We will recycle the cover and renew the handles.


1. Composed by 2 parts

2. Materials

    • Recycled Plastic coming form fishing nets
    • Recycled aluminium coming from scrap

3. Crafted in Barcelona

    • Designed enterely in Girona & Barcelona
    • The 2 parts injected in Barcelona.
    • Ensambled in Barcelona
    • Read more here ›

3 years average life

NO Reparation Service

Without printing labels!

Once you have received the instructions and label by e-mail, put your old devices in an envelope and send them back. You don't need to print the label!

You do not need shipping label

How much can your Original POPSICASE be recovered if you take it back to the brand?


Recovery Index

  • Recycled 40% 40%
  • Renewed 60% 60%

This product is made by 2 parts. Presently the brand can recover the whole item by separating the parts, recycling the plastic cover and renewing the handle. 

How we recover your Original Popsicase


100% Recycled

The covers are sorted by colour and then shredded. 100% of the material is used to be injected in a new POPSICASE.


100% Refurbishable

Handles are polished, painted and reused again to make a new POPSICASE.

Fishing nets are constantly being renewed. Until very recently these nets, mostly made of nylon, were thrown into garbage containers and treated as waste, increasing the pollution of our soils and seas. Now, however, these nets are collected in ports on the Catalan coast and are washed, classified, cut up, melted and converted into a resistant material, a 100% recycled polymer.

But the process doesn’t end here. The NET VIVA material, like many other plastics, does not degrade with use and can be reused as a raw material for other uses. From May 2020 the company is inviting customers to RETURN the cases offering a 25 % discount.