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All mobile phones from any BRAND are very welcome.

Take your old phone back to Science

UPC is receiving discarded mobile phones to keep on researching a new method to recover metals. Send your devices by following these steps:

📢 Tell your people about the project and invite them to participate. The more devices in a single shipment, the less CO2 and the more you save.

📲 Choose the place you are, the number of devices and the shipping method.

📧 Whatever they are, continue with the process until the end, and you will receive all the information by mail.

devices still needed before december 2022

Time to go








How much is your old phone going to be recovered NOW if you donate it to Science?


Recovery Index

  • Recycled 40% 40%
  • Storage 60% 60%

This product is composed by 3 components. Presently we are focusing in recovering metals from the electronic backplate. The other two parts, screens and covers are divided by brands and stored waiting to find a partner to be recovered.

How your old phone is recovered

Batteries and mainboards

Contain more than 50 metals in a plastic container. Discover how it is recovered!


From a bioleaching process, i.e. the extraction of metals through the use of living organisms, in this case bacteria, metals can be recovered from printed circuit boards (PCBs).

Recovery Centers involved in the process


All mobiles are in a plastic and metal casing that can be recovered.


Both the plastics and metals in the casing can be shredded and then recycled SEPARATELY. They are currently stored and sorted for further processing by their brands or other recovery centers.

Recovery Centers involved in the process


All mobiles are in a plastic and metal casing that can be recovered.


Looking for partners to Recover Screens

¡Looking for partners!

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