Become a Reviver

Connect with brands and agree to recover and track the components of their products.

Revivack Brands

Why becoming a Reviver?

With Revivack you will have access to customers who want to recover components, reach agreements, and work within a blockchain-based traceability system with many advantages:


You are actively contributing
to the elimination of waste worldwide by storing, disassembling and recovering your products.



By receiving homogeneous parts or components from single-product suppliers, material separation and sorting is facilitated.



Follow the code and provide your end customers with reliable evidence of the origin of your recycled material.



You will enter a high-traffic network and increase reputation and your chances of finding partners.

What are 3TR chains?

Reverse Traceability Revivack System

3TR Chains are flows that reflect each of the steps in the process of recovering a discarded object from the time it is collected until it becomes a raw material.

In order to have total security that the process is real, all the information is instantly dumped in the blockchain to offer Transparency, Trust and Traceability.

Reverse Traceability Revivack System

What type of Recovery Center are you?

Desk & Storage

You can receive or store products from your customers in a specific geographic area.


You have the ability to separate parts and components of specific objects.


You have the ability to separate parts and components of specific objects.

Recycler or Repairer

Your entity may recycle materials from parts of objects, or it may refurbish or repair those parts for later use.


Get your Revivack Certification

It is granted when your company is involved in the reception of discarded items and in their transparent recovery. Being certified allows you to enter the Revivack System to use our technology based on Automated Reverse Logistics and Blockchain. This seal is based on The Returnable Certified Product Standard RE21.10®and has been recognized by leading organizations.

If you manufacture or market products you will be obliged to take them back to prevent them from becoming waste.

Yes! The European Directive 2018/851 on Extended Producer Responsibility proposes that any natural or legal person who develops, manufactures, processes, treats, sells or imports products on a professional basis must also take responsibility for their recovery. Tires and electronic devices, among others, are already obliged. The clothing is next. Get a head start and build customer loyalty by certifying your products and rescuing them.

Article 27 of EUROPEAN DIRECTIVE (EU) 2018/851 (read more about the directive)

We are currently certifiying. You will be able to discover more brands very soon.