Send your device to Science to be recovered in a controlled and sustainable way.

So many experiences stored in a drawer are not much useful. But the materials are. The UPC (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya) is just developing a very sustainable way to recover batteries and cell phones… WITH BACTERIA! 

Help us keep on with this research and win 👇🏽

devices still needed before december 2022

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Send your phone in 3 easy steps

1. Locate mobile phones

Check your drawers and share this initiative with your people. The more mobiles the better!

2 Choose shipping method

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3 Get your shipping label

Put the devices in an envelope and follow the steps Revivack will give you. It’s easy!

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Transform the energy of your past stories by sending them to the Science of the future.

What will happen to the phone you no longer use?


The Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya has designed a system that allows to recover the 50 metals of the electronic boards with bacteria.

Your phone will be separated in 3 parts, and it will not only be totally recovered, but you will help us to fine-tune the process.

Participate in the giveaway that good brands make possible.

Not only you will be contributing to turn waste into resources in a clean way, but you will also participate in the REVIVACK DRAW with products from some sustainable brands that support this Circular Economy project.

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How can you send us your phone?

We make it easy for you to return it from here.

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If you are still not sure and have questions about what we will do with your mobile or about this new Return System, become a Reviver, sign up and we will explain the steps to take!

What is Revivack?

We make it easy you to take back your old stuff for recovery improving a truly Circular Economy System


Choose the item you want to save and learn more about it. Are you sure you cannot repair it?


Select the shipping method, check which is your nearest pick-up center, and print the label here.


Connect with the brand, get advantages and feel good for getting things right.


Select the shipping method, check which is your nearest pick-up center, and print the label here.

Bacteria that eat cell phones and help in the fight against Climate Change

Batteries and mainboards

Contain more than 50 metals in a plastic container. Discover how it is recovered!


From a bioleaching process, i.e. the extraction of metals through the use of living organisms, in this case bacteria, metals can be recovered from printed circuit boards (PCBs).

The aim of Biometallum is to demonstrate the technical and economic feasibility of a biotechnological process for the valorisation of electronic waste, as a more sustainable and profitable alternative for the recovery of valuable metals. This proposal, based on circular economy and the concept of urban mining, promote local business from a technology that reduce dependence on limiting natural resources and manage a type of waste (electronic) that is increasing at a higher rate in our society, which has an associated negative impact on environment and human health.

We work to recover items in a sustainable way

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