Rescue your old phone

Send your discarded devices to Science. Metals and plastics will be recovered in a controlled and sustainable way (with bacteria!). 

Which way would you prefer your old phone to be recovered?



UPC has made it sustainable… WITH BACTERIA!

A UPC (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya) team has developed a pioneering technology  known as bioleaching, a technique that allows recovering valuable metals such as gold, silver or copper through microorganisms present in wastewater and is less costly and polluting than the usual processes.

Sounds good, doesn’t it 😏?

👉🏽 The problem is that the scientific team still need to test it on a large scale and for that they need to do some more experiments with MOBILE motherboards. And that is why we would like to count on YOUR HELP.

We need 5.000 discarded cell phones!

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Not only you will be contributing to turn waste into resources in a clean way, but you will also participate in the monthly REVIVACK DRAW with products from some sustainable brands that support this Circular Economy project.

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Old cell phones in a drawer

So many experiences stored in a drawer are not much useful. But the materials are. Transform the energy of your past stories by sending them to the Science of the future.

Send your phone in 3 easy steps

1. Locate mobile phones

Check your drawers and share this initiative with your people. The more mobiles the better!

2 Choose shipping method

We have advantageous rates to send your devices by mail. You can also do it on your own.

3 Get your shipping label

Put the devices in an envelope and follow the steps Revivack will give you. It’s easy!

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We work to recover items in a sustainable way

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