Rescue your company’s old cell phones

If your company stores discarded devices, send them to science for controlled and sustainable recovery, and get our Circular Economy certification.

recovery certificate for mobile phones

Become a Reviver and get the Revivack RE 22.11® Certified

Not only you will be contributing to turn waste into resources in a clean way, but your company will also get the Circular Economy RE 22.11® Certified, issued by UPC and Revivack, and recognized by:


Why join the project “Rescue your phone and give it to Science”?

A UPC (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya) team has developed a pioneering technology  known as bioleaching, a technique that allows recovering valuable metals such as gold, silver or copper through microorganisms present in wastewater and is less costly and polluting than the usual processes.

Sounds good, doesn’t it 😏?

👉🏽 🙄 The problem is that the scientific team still need to test it on a large scale and for that they need to do some more experiments with MOBILE motherboards. And that is why we would like to count on YOUR HELP.

We need 5.000 discarded cell phones!

Return your old phones and get certified

If you want to receive the RE 22.11® certificate by email fill all fields and we will send it to you once you have taken them back to science.

If you are still not sure and have questions about what we will do with your mobile or about this new Return System, become a Reviver, sign up and we will explain the steps to take!

We work to recover items in a sustainable way

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