Do you need support to code your products or certify the origin of raw materials?

Contact our team for an interview with a qualified professional who will be happy to hear about your products and contexts, answer your questions and get you acquainted with Revivack, connecting you with useful resources, exploring special cases and discussing collaboration options.

How do we work?

We work closely with you to find the best options for turning your waste into resources, studying your case and guiding you to save costs and increase reputation. Schedule a meeting or choose one of these advisory packages now:


4 hours


When you are quite clear about what you want and just need some guidance to get your recovery activity underway in any aspect.


10 hours


We help you to understand the best way to recover your product, to find the best partners and to reach agreements to start working.


20 hours


If the products are more complex, we will need more time to accompany you in the process of designing the recovery strategy.

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