Why join the project “Rescue your phone and give it to Science”?

A UPC (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya) team has developed a pioneering technology  known as bioleaching, a technique that allows recovering valuable metals such as gold, silver or copper through microorganisms present in wastewater and is less costly and polluting than the usual processes.

Sounds good, doesn’t it 😏?

👉🏽 🙄 The problem is that the scientific team still need to test it on a large scale and for that they need to do some more experiments with MOBILE motherboards. And that is why we would like to count on YOUR HELP.

We need 5.000 discarded cell phones!

Collaborate with the Circular Economy

circular economy for mobile phones

If you are a sustainable brand, and you want to get into this Circular economy pioner project, join us by donating some of your products for a motivating draw, or making it easy to collect devices from your channels.

Why collaborate?

linear versus circular economy

You contribute to the Circular Economy

This pioneering project is going to be key in the recovery of metals from electronic objects revolutionizing our global system.

You get Visbility & Reputation

This project has been highlighted and followed by the media since its inception. Joining us means being present in the dissemination of the evolution of the project. The dissemination is led by the communication department of the UPC.

Revivack Certified - Brand with returnable products

You can join our Circular Economy Platform

The Revivack Take Back System involves coding your products, receiving them easily from your customers and tracing their recovery with many benefits.

What is Revivack?

We make it easy you to take back your old stuff for recovery improving a truly Circular Economy System


Choose the item you want to save and learn more about it. Are you sure you cannot repair it?


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Connect with the brand, get advantages and feel good for getting things right.


Select the shipping method, check which is your nearest pick-up center, and print the label here.

We work to recover items in a sustainable way

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